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What Is Tier 4 Tech Support and Why You Need It 

Picture this: you are a telecom (or UCaaS) service provider. You sell your products and services successfully to your clients. Everything is going wonderfully until… your client runs into technical issues. Your client calls you to help them troubleshoot what went wrong. You can’t seem to find the issue, so what do you do? You reach out to your platform provider.  

While this can be a normal interaction, the problem arises when your platform provider needs to deal with multiple technical issues (and service providers with their respective customers) all at once. You have no control over your wait time, which directly affects your client’s wait time and negatively affects your client’s experience. 

So, what steps can be taken if the platform provider is dealing with several of their customers and the wait time isn’t up to your standards? You can work with a technology consultant firm that provides Tier 4 technical support. 

What Is Tier 4 Tech Support? 

Tier 4 tech support is there to provide outside support for software solutions, application platforms, and telecom services, like cloud collaboration, UCaaS and CCaaS platforms, and other communications and technology platforms. These techs are highly trained individuals that know the technology supporting your business both inside and out and can help your business in troubleshooting, correcting, and even monitoring your solutions.  

But if you’re working with a platform provider who provides support, why do you need additional technical support from a Tier 4 support consulting firm? 

Tier 4 Technicians Are Scarce 

Tier 4 technicians, while not unicorns, are hard to come by. It takes dedication and training to get to this skill level, and their expertise is in high demand, making them a hot commodity to any communications business. While it may not be within your current budget to bring on a technician of this magnitude, the good news is, you don’t need to! Typically, your current tech team is more than acceptable for troubleshooting typical problems that may arise with your platform. But when it comes to the tougher stuff, you may still need access to the bigger guns.  

This is where a technology consulting firm, like P2P, comes in. In contracting for Tier 4 tech support, you have an entire skilled team at your disposal, and in many cases, at less than half the cost of hiring a single Tier 4 engineer. 

Quicker Support and Resolution 

There’s nothing worse than receiving a call or support ticket from your customer letting you know that they’re experiencing issues with their system that’s affecting their business. Downtime is a killer, and when your customers lose business, they may start looking elsewhere for a provider that is able to assist them quickly. So, you may not be able to afford to wait on your platform provider for a resolution to your clients’ issues. By working with a technology consultant, you have access to a Tier 4 technician quicker than working with the platform provider.  

And, since the Tier 4 technical team “speaks” the platform provider’s language, access to and communications with the platform provider become more efficient and effective. In most cases the Tier 4 Tech will liaise on behalf of the service provider to aid in moving resolution along. 

Working with a Tier 4 tech support consultant provides quick access to software developers and engineers who are experts in communications platforms. They can do deep dives into the issues and offer a quicker resolution or escalation with the platform provider. Quicker resolutions mean happier customers for you, which translates into lower attrition and longer lasting business relationships. 

Insurance Policy 

Having a Tier 4 technical consultant is like having an insurance policy in your back pocket, should your platform ever suffer from a catastrophic failure. It’s always smart to have a Plan B, and that’s what Tier 4 tech support is. If you’re not happy with the support your backend provider is offering, a company like P2P is there to back you up. Software experts are on hand to help you and your internal tech teams solve these complex software issues. 

P2P is Your Tier 4 Tech Support Team 

From the first meeting to implementation, P2P will be your partner for Tier 4 tech support and planning while keeping your business’s goals and objectives in mind. We know the intricacies providers are facing when it comes to providing technology products. Like you, we are technology enthusiasts and love doing the work. Contact us today and let’s start the conversation on how we can help with your Tier 4 tech support needs. With P2P, Make Our Experts, Yours! 

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