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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Technical Consulting Expertise

Quickly evolving technologies and ever-increasing speeds are a double-edged sword for CSPs. They create opportunities to integrate new offerings and new revenue streams for those that can keep up, but do you have the people, processes, and technology running in synchrony to leverage and launch these new solutions? Many providers are simply not equipped for quick implementation of new technologies, 5G and edge network transformation, making expert technical consulting essential to decrease implementation times, costs, and issues. Respondents to KPMG’s 2023 US Technology Survey reported technology functions lacking coordination as being the top hurdle for transformation progress, underlining the need for focused, multifaceted experts to help lead the way. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider adding a technical consultant to your team. 

Reason #1 – A Fresh-Eyed Perspective 

An unbiased, fresh-eyed assessment of the current state and future capabilities of your business can unlock hidden potential. In addition, consultants have the outside-looking-in perspective but view through a lens that’s seen the wider landscape. They’ve worked with your partners, contemporaries, and competition, and see the opportunities that your business can capitalize on or grow towards, whose value may not have been realized previously. 

Reason #2 – They’ve Been There 

Highly experienced technical consultants bring with them diverse knowledge – they’ve been in the industry a long time, have worn many hats, and many have been in your shoes, so they’ll have first-hand knowledge of the technology, the regulations, as well as the challenges and the pitfalls you face. They have the resources and experience to tackle multiple facets of your project simultaneously to work toward your goals effectively and efficiently. 

Reason #3 – Custom Solutions 

Great consultants develop customized, innovative solutions that meet your needs now and will facilitate growth in the future. They have a reliable network of partners and solutions to draw from, know the emerging technologies, and how to prepare for what’s next. They draw from decades of experience to create unique solutions for unique challenges, and are there every step of the way, from inception to launch and beyond. 

Reason #4 – Time Is Money 

An expert technical consultant will save you both and can demonstrate this with cost savings analysis using realistic and attainable goals. Bring new offerings, products, and monetization opportunities to market quicker and more efficiently while optimizing your resources, investment, and return. From avoiding errors and identifying waste to tax and benefits savings incurred versus hiring an in-house team, expert consultants will save you both time and money, sometimes in ways you may not expect. 

Reason #5 – You Can Get Back to Business 

Hiring a trustworthy and experienced technical consultant lets you get back to your responsibilities, bringing you peace of mind knowing that a multifaceted expert is on your team and your people have a go-to resource for information and training. You can rely on their expertise to help your business stay competitive, secure, and agile, improve existing processes, and optimize and monetize your hardware and software investments. 

Leverage Over 100 Years of Experience with P2P 

P2P has certified specialists in Cisco, Juniper, NetSapiens, PortaOne, Asterisk, and more, all with extensive experience covering every facet of telecommunications, ranging from on-the-ground infrastructure to global layer 2 & 3 networks handling millions of calls and petabytes of data. 

Our team of professionals has successfully built out MSPs, ILECs, CLECs, ISPs, ITSPs, MVNOs, and CSPs. We excel not only in designing the intricate technical details necessary for a high-quality infrastructure but also in developing efficient operations and business procedures to run a streamlined operation. We’ve established sales channels exceeding seven (7) digits and maintained the complex relationships required with regulatory bodies, vendors, and customers alike. 

We’ve worked on over 250 different instances of NetSapiens switches, each with its own unique environment, involved in all stages of build-out. Participating in migrations of nearly a million plus devices, we have migrated over 35,000 endpoints to both new and existing NetSapiens platforms in 2023. 

To learn more about all the ways P2P can help your business thrive and stay competitive, now and in the future, please reach out to Ken Adams or Dave George at sales@engagep2p.com, visit our website engagep2p.com, or call 484-820-5700. 

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