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Partnering for Progress: How Simplicity VoIP Thrived with P2P’s Expert Support 

At the rate the telecommunications industry is evolving, merely keeping pace isn’t enough—it’s about leading the charge. Simplicity VoIP understands this better than most. Founded in 2012 as a Coredial reseller, Simplicity quickly evolved and expanded its services. However, as the company grew, so did the need for enhanced technical support and expertise.  

Enter P2P, a trusted partner renowned for its unparalleled support in the telecom industry. In a recent interview with Ben and Amy Humphreys from Simplicity VoIP, we gained valuable insights into how P2P support elevated their business to new heights.  

Recognizing the Need for Expert Assistance  

Simplicity’s journey with P2P began when they realized the need to deepen their technical bench. With a growing customer base and evolving business model, it became clear that additional support was essential. Amy Humphreys, co-founder of Simplicity VoIP, highlighted the initial challenges:  

Our sales engineer was straddling between keeping bare metal servers operational and handling tier three, tier four troubleshooting. We needed a solution that would allow us to focus on sales and customer support while ensuring technical issues were swiftly addressed.”  

So, they began the hunt for a partner that could provide the technical expertise and support necessary to streamline their operations and improve their service delivery.  

The Decision to Partner with P2P  

The choice of P2P support was a natural one for Simplicity. Because they had a longstanding relationship with key P2P personnel, including Dave George, they already knew the depth of expertise and support P2P could offer, particularly in their collaboration with Netsapiens, a Crexendo Company Ben Humphreys emphasized, “To my knowledge, there is not that resource in the industry with the specific Netsapiens knowledge that P2P possesses.”  

So, the team at Simplicity VoIP jumped into the partnership with both feet and found it even more rewarding than they expected.  

Unlocking Efficiency and Expertise  

P2P’s impact on Simplicity VoIP’s operations was immediate and profound. Though they were initially brought on to provide tier three and tier four support, P2P quickly became an integral part of the Simplicity family.  

Amy explained, “P2P’s breadth of experience and depth of knowledge allowed them to seamlessly integrate with our team. They provided on-the-job training, managed transitions, conducted system audits, and served as the keeper of the keys to our network.”  

P2P’s breadth of experience and depth of knowledge allowed them to seamlessly complement Simplicity VoIP’s existing capabilities, unlocking new levels of efficiency and expertise.  

Saving Time, Enhancing Customer Experience  

One of the most significant benefits Simplicity VoIP experienced through its partnership with P2P was the time saved. Ben highlighted, “P2P saves us an incredible amount of time by swiftly addressing technical issues and providing immediate solutions. This efficiency allows us to deliver a higher level of customer support and enhance overall customer experience.”  

By streamlining operations and resolving issues promptly, Simplicity VoIP improved customer satisfaction and freed up the operational resources they needed to pursue new opportunities and greater innovation. Talk about a win-win.  

Building Trust and Long-Term Partnership  

Trust is at the core of any successful partnership, and Simplicity has complete confidence in P2P. From the initial stages of the partnership and beyond, P2P demonstrated why they were an excellent partner. Ben noted that “P2P earned our trust through their expertise, responsiveness, and meticulous attention to detail. Their dedication to our success has solidified our partnership for the long term.”  

This collaborative relationship continues to flourish as both companies work together to drive long-term success and growth for Simplicity VoIP.   

Jumpstart Your Progress with P2P  

Simplicity’s thriving partnership with P2P is a testament to the power of collaboration and expert support. As they continue to innovate and grow, Simplicity remains confident in P2P’s ability to support their success every step of the way.  

And P2P could do the same for you! With P2P’s expertise and support, you too can overcome industry challenges, streamline your processes, and achieve new levels of profitability. Reach out to us today to make our experts yours! 

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