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Strategies to Align with Shifting Customer Expectations in the Omnichannel Era

In addition to grappling with inflation, staffing issues, weather anomalies, and economic flux, providers must also keep up with changing customer expectations post-pandemic in a hungry, saturated market. Upselling to an existing customer is more likely and less expensive than acquiring a new customer, so keeping your existing customers happy is more important than ever. And being nimble, responsive, intuitive, and open to reinvention to make the customer journey seamless is crucial – and sometimes overwhelming to your resources and bottom line. 

How Do I Stay Head of My Customers? 

That’s a great question – let’s examine those options below.  

Data and Analytics – Customers want personalized, integrated, easy communication with their service providers. Luckily, your existing data may give more behavioral insight than you realize. Think about your answers to the following: 

· How are your customers engaging? 

· Are you putting more effort toward social media when your website gets higher quality engagement, or vice-versa? 

· Are people downloading, sharing, or opting in to receive your content? 

· Are your customers increasingly opting for automated support, or do they still prefer human contact? 

· Which efforts are bringing in new customers? 

· Do you see customer requests being handled efficiently or transferred excessively? 

· Do your departments share customer data to handle requests efficiently? 

· What are your net promoter scores, feedback, and online reviews telling you? 

· How have extreme weather events impacted engagement? 

Different perspectives on the same data can shed light on trends and areas of improvement. Dig deeper and see new ways to look at your existing data. 

When in Doubt, Ask! 

Elevate the Customer Journey with automation, AI, and Security – Free up resources tied to mundane tasks and provide information and responses quickly. Be open to finding ways that automation and AI can complement and enhance your processes. Security is the foundation of these relationships, maintain a commitment to your customers that their data is protected, and your security protocols are robust and up-to-the-minute. 

Invest – You knew it was coming…you need to spend money to make money. Invest in user-friendly platforms with easy-to-navigate interfaces. Invest in an omnichannel platform that integrates all your channels and unifies the customer AND employee experience. Invest in training and cross-training and invest in your team, they are your most valuable resources. People now leave jobs more frequently, so enhanced employee experience is more important than ever. And the cost to retrain for the same job is expensive, at an estimated $12,000 to replace and retrain an entry-level contact center agent. Your employee is your touchpoint to the customer – an engaged employee facilitates an engaged customer. 

Review, Optimize, Repeat – Assess, analyze, and adjust. The world is changing rapidly, and so are customers. Be where the customers are today AND tomorrow. Having a robust omnichannel solution allows you to be where the customers want to communicate, when and how they need you. 

And Know When It’s Time to Bring in Assistance – Omnichannel customer experience solutions are not one-size-fits-all and need to be chosen carefully to meet your current needs and be flexible enough to evolve and adapt to meet your customers’ needs in the future. Seamless, positive, productive experiences keep customers. And while we hope that this has given you helpful information to think about, we know not every provider has the resources to adopt the new technologies they know will enhance OmniCX as fast as they’d like.  

If you’d like to learn more about HELIOS OmniCX Simplified from P2P Labs, please reach out to Ken Adams or Dave George at sales@engagehelios.com, or visit our website engagehelios.com. 

No overwhelming complexity. No unnecessary costs. No lengthy installation. HELIOS, OmniCX Simplified. 

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