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E: thiago.modelli@engagep2p.com
O: 484.820.5707

Much like Dave, Thiago has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the communications industry – specifically in information technology. He is a dedicated executive, dynamic technologist, and passion-driven strategist, with extensive knowledge of internet services, networking, servers, software, cloud, DevOps, virtualization, telephony, and many other services offered by the top players in the technology field.

Thanks to his two decades of experience, Thiago has honed his focus to service providers and large-scale technological deployments that challenge the status quo. His can-do attitude, motivational leadership style, and dedication to achieving excellence leads him to achieve what many others might say is impossible. 

For instance, before joining P2P Tech, Thiago served as the Vice President of Technical Operations at NetSapiens. He was responsible for the company’s cloud technology and DevOps teams. In this role, he and his team created and launched a new cloud service offering that successfully moved the company from an NRC model to a more predictable MRC model. Not only that, but Thiago’s offering was profitable just six months after its launch. By its second year, Thiago’s product achieved a 30% attachment rate, increasing NetSapiens’ bottom line by millions of dollars, all while staying under budget. 

Prior to NetSapiens, Thiago led multiple IT based projects for Fortune 500 industry leaders in a wide variety of industries (financial services, healthcare, broadcasting, telecommunications, retail, and airlines to name just a few). These projects ranged from pre-sales workflows to network architecture, engineering, and technical operations.