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At P2P, we’ve assembled a team with over 100 years of telecommunications experience so you can get support of the highest quality. Want to learn more about us? Check out our bios below!

At P2P, we are like-minded tech and people enthusiasts, who “roll up our sleeves” and aid our clients in meeting the high demands and various complexities of their Service Provider business issues and needs, head-on, and assist in developing credible road maps, training, and mentoring initiatives, and implementing both the immediate tactical and longer-term strategic plans. 

Our hands-on collaborative consulting and advisory services start by assessing your current situation, be it technical, operational, sales, marketing, other business, or some or all of the above. P2P then carefully guides your team, first with high level recommendations on improvements and possible changes or some restructuring, all while aligning and strategizing with your team so that you have the maximum amount of “buy-in” and positive momentum. P2P offers you industry-specific expertise, developing campaigns and go-to-market strategies, all while improving your business’ operational processes and assisting you in measuring your business’ performance.  

From the initial meeting to strategy and ultimately implementation, P2P becomes your “right hand” for technical advice and planning, future road mapping and enhancements to your various offerings, marketing and sales pipeline, and revenue goal attainment, all while providing a clear and concise vision and path for your team. With P2P, we promote for everyone to be in the same boat, all rowing in the same direction, in harmony and unison.  

P2P understands the intricacies, difficulties and even pitfalls many service providers are facing today. Our team can leverage its years of industry knowledge, experience, and expertise to enhance and accelerate your service provider business’ growth through a strong collaborative and cohesive process. 

Looking to join the P2P Team and help business owners achieve their goals? Email us at info@engagep2p.com to learn more!

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