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CRPS causes so much pain that it is often referred to as the suicide disease

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain condition. It causes extreme and extended pain and inflammation in the arms, hands, legs, or feet. The cause is unknown, however, it may develop from an injury and, regrettably, the pain is out of proportion to the severity of the initial injury. Today, there is no cure for this condition. It can get worse over time and may even spread to other parts of the body.  

This condition is rated as one of the most painful. As reported by doctors, CRPS ranks more than forty-four out of fifty on the McGill Pain Scale, the level of pain caused outranks childbirth average of thirty-four on the McGill Pain Scale, kidney stones forty-one, and even limb amputation forty.  

Many diagnosed with complex regional syndrome are at risk of suicide. Due to the regularity of people committing suicide due to the pain, it is nicknamed the “suicide disease.” 

Thiago Modelli

P2P co-founder and IT chief technology officer Thiago Modelli, can be described as the jack of all trades phrase personified.

Thiago is an expert with an un-ending desire to learn and a lack of fear for trying new things that can take you extremely far in life. He often finds himself teaching others what he knows because he wants to see them grow and achieve greatness. And what we hear repeatedly is, “That guy really knows…!”  

Thiago’s first encounter with the tech industry was at fifteen years of age in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As destiny would have it, and with unwavering confidence he aided a local ISP in fixing their modem issues. From that day forward Thiago, with all his curiosity and need for learning more, landed himself his first tech job: junior systems administrator.

Thiago then moved to the United States from Rio de Janeiro, when he was still a teenager. Once in the States, he quickly landed his next job in the telecommunications industry, and started his own ISP, Foxlink.

Thiago’s technical journey has continued from various organizations including Electronic Arts (the digital game company) and NetSapiens (the Unified Communicaitons platform company), to name a few.

Then, during his fruitful career path, and now almost thirteen years ago, Thiago was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Fortunately, Thiago’s PT had seen CRPS before and was able to recommend Thiago see a specialist to aid in his condition.  

Here at P2P, we see the effects of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome firsthand. We stand united with these Warriors and feel strongly about sharing information about and finding a cure for CRPS. This is why we will be sponsoring and donating to the CRPS Warriors Foundation. 

The CRPS Warriors Foundation

A Beacon of hope

The CRPS Warriors Foundation has been developed by an amazing team of volunteers. Each one of their directors has a designated job to help better serve our community based on their expertise in the field. They are a diverse group of women and men available to support the CRPS community from children to the elderly. 


Their mission is to ensure that each Warrior can receive the resources they need and to help build a stronger awareness for the community with education, financial assistance, and research. The goal is to find a cure for all CRPS Warriors and together we can achieve that goal! 

Join us in giving back

Please join P2P in donating to the CRPS Warriors Foundation. Your generous, tax-deductible gift to the CRPS Warriors Foundation will not only help provide people around the world with awareness about this terrible disease, but will help support the care and well-being of patients and their families through education, financial assistance, programs, and research. 
Your donation is an invaluable gift to help transform someone’s life and give them the hope they need to fight like a Warrior!