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CRPS Warriors Fight the Good Fight!  

The Start of the Foundation 

Fight, love, live and repeat are the driving values of the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Warriors Foundation. CRPS is a chronic disorder that causes extreme pain in the nerves, hence causing nerve injuries. According to the CRPS Warriors Foundation, nerve injury among patients has gone undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for several reasons which hinder the amount of attention that should be directed to the syndrome.

The CEO of CRPS Warriors Foundation Deborah Jankowski inspired the growth of the foundation. Her story is a perfect example of the values of the organization. After several misdiagnoses and surgeries, she sustained more nerve damage than the ones she started with. She ended up with fractured body organs due to the failure of several nerves in her body. Despite this, every day was a fighting day. She never gave up. Even at rock bottom when she lost her parents, she never gave up. With the help of doctors, friends, and family, she persevered and took a different angle in her life; to bring the fight and bring change. 

The Dream Lives on with Each Warrior 

CRPS Warriors Foundation was inspired by her experiences in life, together with other founders from various states who had the same passion and drive to bring change. Her dream came to reality. The dream and mission of the organization was to help CRPS fighters to access treatments, and medication even when their insurance companies could not cover that. The organization aims to encourage fighters to see light at the end of the tunnel, even when they find obstacles in accessing quality medication.

CRPS Warriors Foundation is a mission fueled by volunteers to bring positive change. The group of diverse men and women is open to helping the community from the youngest to the oldest in an endless effort to do everything to save lives.  

P2P Believes in the Mission 

The goal is to find a cure for CRPS and with everyone’s help the CRPS Warriors Foundation is united in achieving that goal. At P2P, we stand with these Warriors and feel strongly about sharing information about CRPS. Which is why we are sponsoring and donating to the CRPS Warriors Foundation. You can help too! Visit our CRPS Warriors Page to learn more and donate to the CRPS Warriors Foundation.  

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