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The Channel Partner Performance Metrics You Should Be Monitoring 

Channel Analyst firm Canalys has predicted that worldwide partner-delivered IT technologies and services will exceed $4.94 trillion in 2024, equating to 6.2 percent growth in spending over 2023. As channel partners become an integral part of growth strategy and step out of the “preferred vendor” role, the measurement of success is inevitably going to evolve as well. Metrics for success during the pandemic morphed into a post-pandemic recovery outlook, and with multiple sources of economic uncertainties, that outlook is bound to morph again, with metrics that may need to be flexible to evolve and reflect current challenges to a channel’s ecosystem. 

Many situations are unique and these may or may not apply to your situation, but to get started: 

  • Sales/Revenue – Is your current agreement still profitable, incentivized, and showing future growth potential? Look at trends in deal size, customer churn, margins, and ROI. 
  • Engagement metrics – Does the partnership still convey value to the customer and deliver value to the partners? Are customers engaging with clicks, opt-ins, logins, activations, content downloads, shares, and reposts? 
  • Pipeline metrics – Which pipelines are working, and which need improvement? Review RFQs, opportunities per pipeline, qualified leads, and resources allocated. 
  • Customer Success Metrics – Are the end users happy? Use customer surveys, cross/upsell activity, usage, and service data to identify areas of growth. 
  • Partner Metrics – Are your partners still delivering value? Are they active and delivering on the service/role/advantage? And on the flip side, is the channel partner happy and getting the support and resources they need to be successful? Re-evaluate your partner programs and offerings periodically and make changes based on the partner’s feedback. Are there changes you can implement to your current channel program or service offerings to enable further growth? Partner success is paramount to customer success. 

P2P has decades of channel development experience and vertical growth success. We know how difficult it can be running a successful channel program. Our experts will guide you through the process and accelerate your results. 

Along with channel and business development, we have expertise in UC and network infrastructures, including specialization for NetSapiens, PortaOne, and Asterisks platforms, utilizing many SBC and equipment manufacturers and vendors including the likes of Juniper, Cisco, HP, Lenovo/IBM, and Dell. 

To find more information on how P2P can help you maximize your channel performance, please reach out to Ken Adams or Dave George at sales@engagep2p.com, or visit our website engagep2p.com . 

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