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Celebrities with CRPS: The Behind Scenes Struggles 

The hallmark of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is intense, ongoing pain affecting one or more limbs in this debilitating disorder. CRPS may be an unfamiliar and underrecognized condition but thanks to the candid accounts of various celebrities discussing their own struggles with it, more people are becoming aware of its existence and impact. Educating individuals about the condition was facilitated by this.  

Singers who conquer the stage while battling the challenges of CRPS 

American singer-songwriter Lady Gaga received a diagnosis of CRPS in 2013 following her ongoing hip pain. She openly shared the struggles of controlling her illness and the impact it had on her everyday tasks. Those experiencing CRPS found Lady Gaga’s willingness to share her own experience influential  

Selena Gomez has also spoken out about her struggle with CRPS. Gomez disclosed in 2013 that she had been treated for the autoimmune disease lupus when the ailment was discovered. She talked about how having chronic pain affected her personal and professional life. Gomez has made use of her platform to spread awareness of CRPS and the value of self-care and mental wellness. 

Actors share their firsthand experiences and insights on living with CRPS 

British television star Gabby Logan, known for her hosting BBC Sport’s Final Score, The Premier League Show and The Match of the Day is another famous individual who has spoken out about having CRPS. Logan disclosed in 2016 that she was given a CRPS diagnosis due to a running-related foot injury. She talked about the tremendous agony she experienced and how it made it difficult for her to walk and perform basic duties. Logan has been actively involved in promoting CRPS awareness, calling for more knowledge of the disorder and improved treatment choices for individuals who experience it. 

 Marcia Cross, known for her roles in Knots Landing and various daytime soaps, has also made public comments about her CRPS experience. Cross recently disclosed that she received the diagnosis after suffering a foot injury. Afterwards, she conversed regarding the impact that having CRPS had on her life, emotionally as well as physically, including how it forced her to make important lifestyle changes. Cross has over the years been an advocate for CRPS awareness campaigns. She has also taken part in providing financial assistance to creating effective treatment alternatives. 

Those living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome will have their stories heard  

Through this awareness, the stigma that exists around people with CRPS has been reduced. Moreover, there has been a rise in media attention regarding CRPS and the celebrities affected by it.  Consequently, this upswing in awareness has identified the need for more research in understanding CRPS and would aid in achieving desirable health outcomes among people with CRPS. Despite these celebrities being immensely popular it is essential to point out that there are many other people who suffer from this disorder. From this, it is evident that CRPS can impact anyone regardless of their socio-economic status or celebrity. By impacting celebrities, CRPS reminds everyone to always show empathy, compassion, and support to victims without judging them.  

To summarize, celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Gabby Logan, Selena Gomez, and Marcia Cross have openly discussed their CRPS experiences, thus positively contributing to the public’s knowledge and understanding of this crippling ailment. In addition to offering support to those facing comparable difficulties, their openness to disclose their hardships has also helped lessen the stigma attached to disorders that cause chronic pain. The voices of people with CRPS have been magnified by these celebrities through their platforms, which has helped in the continuous search for better CRPS therapies and support networks. 

P2P is Here to Help 

At P2P, we stand with those affected by CRPS, which is why we are both sponsoring and donating to the CRPS Warriors Foundation. You can help too! For more information on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and to donate to the foundation, visit our CRPS Warriors Page.  

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