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Crafting a Business Resilience Strategy Geared Towards Growth

New Era – New Customer Expectations 

With communications and connectivity being a core component of most businesses’ success, how do service providers stay resilient to deliver for their customers who depend on their network’s stability and capabilities, now and in the future? Seamless phone and video conferencing, team and remote collaboration, global commerce, and 5G capabilities are now base expectations. 

Weaknesses were exposed during the pandemic, extreme weather, and natural events, while economic challenges and political static overwhelmed and overloaded providers, both from a network and personnel perspective. Cracks were brought to light in providers’ cybersecurity armor, leaving business owners and service providers pressed to find ways to fill the cracks, all while trying to fortify and accelerate their business strategies and priorities. 

With technologies like 5G still being adopted while 6G is on the way, the challenge to stay in step, much less look ahead is ongoing, daunting, and will require up-front investments that may not have been foreseen. However, along with those challenges come opportunities. 

It’s the proper allocation and adaptability of those upfront investments in technology, infrastructure, operations, and personnel that are the foundation on which to build a strong business resilience strategy. 

IT Transformation – The Clock is Ticking 

In a recent report released by Accenture, CSP executives cite legacy IT systems and their high maintenance costs, competition, and costly new offering rollouts as major hindrances to an effective and timely technology transition. And that’s just to maintain the status quo. To pave the way for future growth, there is also risk prediction, crisis response, and resilience training and staffing to consider when transitioning from legacy reliance. 

Those same executives agreed overwhelmingly that IT transformation is crucial to capitalizing on future growth opportunities, and that while modern IT systems are a necessity for future growth, many also recognize that there are existing struggles with their current systems and offerings. 

Re-Evaluate Business Priorities…Often 

Is your current strategy still conducive to seizing future growth opportunities? 

Strategies from even your last meeting may not be relevant now. Supply chain issues, security breaches, and disaster recovery are just a few ever-changing, daily issues that may warrant reevaluating your priorities more often than you may have in the past. 

  • Does your focus need to be adjusted to meet current market conditions and challenges? 
  • Are your current systems, inventory, and offerings optimized? 
  • Are your resources allocated effectively to accommodate new technologies and training required? 
  • Does the current state of your tech support new tech implementation? 
  • Are your supply chains stable? 
  • Are you finding the experienced personnel needed to take the company into the future? 
  • Is your network ready for monetization to compete in the B2B2X space? 

Be Open 

Two small words with big implications for future growth, to be sure. Business is evolving at high speed, and providers need to be open to rapid change as well to survive. 

Be open to: 

  • Re-prioritizing the company’s goals for growth as necessary 
  • Supplier collaboration and diversity to strengthen supply chains 
  • Investing in training for your teams and augmenting with resilience-titled hires 
  • Partnerships and expert guidance 

P2P has certified specialists in Cisco, Juniper, NetSapiens, PortaOne, Asterisk, and more, all with extensive experience covering every facet of telecommunications, ranging from on-the-ground infrastructure to global layer 2 & 3 networks handling millions of calls and petabytes of data.   

Our team of professionals has successfully built out MSPs, ILECs, CLECs, ISPs, ITSPs, MVNOs, and CSPs. We excel not only in designing the intricate technical details necessary for a high-quality infrastructure but also in developing efficient operations and business procedures to run a streamlined operation. We’ve established sales channels exceeding 7 digits and maintained the complex relationships required with regulatory bodies, vendors, and customers alike.   

We’ve worked on over 250 different instances of NetSapiens switches, each with its own unique environment, participating in all stages of build-out. Participating in migrations of nearing a million plus devices we have migrated over 35,000 endpoints to both new and existing NetSapiens platforms in 2023. 

To learn more about all the ways P2P can help your business thrive and stay competitive, now and in the future, please reach out to Ken Adams or Dave George at sales@engagep2p.com, visit our website engagep2p.com, or call 484-820-5700. 

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