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The Art of Curiosity: Thiago Modelli 

Today he is chief technology officer at P2P, but back in the day he was a DJ. Quite the career change  

Well, Thiago Modelli believes that doing the same thing over and over again can be boring.  

For that reason, his life has consisted of many hobbies and a changing career path that was far from the usual. But if we’ve learned something from Thiago today, it’s that a desire to learn and a lack of fear for trying new things can get you very far in life. 

P2P’s CTO is the jack of all trades phrase personified (minus the master of none part), mostly because he believes that once he’s crossed a threshold where he’s learned enough, he can start teaching people what he knows instead. What we hear time and again is, “That guy really knows…!” 

In Thiago’s words, “It’s almost not worth continuing because at that point it’s just repetition. You get better but you’re not really learning anything new, you’re just improving faster muscle memory. So, you’re doing the same thing over and over again, and doing the same thing repetitively is very boring to me.” 

Maybe Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Cat After All… 

Thiago’s first encounter with the tech industry is kind of a hard to believe story, but we promise it’s 100% true.  

At 15 years old he landed himself his first tech job: junior systems administrator. It all happened on a day he was accompanying a girlfriend to get her hair done, and there happened to be an ISP (internet service provider) next door.  

Thiago noticed the guy next door struggling to connect his modem. Being a big nerd (he said it himself) and having a BBS (bulletin board system) back in his room at home, he knew exactly what was going wrong. He couldn’t just let it go!  

Thiago knew how to fix it, so he walked right in and said “‘I see you’re trying to connect. Let me fix it for you.” And fix it he did! “Are you looking for a job?” were literally the next words uttered by the owner of this emerging ISP.   

Being curious enough to explore and learn new things can lead to a discovery of what you are truly gifted at. It was likely destiny itself that Thiago was set to follow at such a young age, his passion for learning has driven him to his current professional and personal path where he can assist others and satisfy his curiosity.  

The Birth of a Telecom Expert 

Thiago moved to the United States from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when he was still a teenager. Being a native Portuguese speaker and a tech nerd, Thiago decided that the best way to learn English was by reading all the manuals on FreeBSD. “It was very technical but that’s how I learned English,” states Thiago.  Once in the states, it took him no time to land his first job in the telecommunications industry. 

At 19, Thiago had already opened up his own ISP called Foxlink with a friend, and had also worked at Dotlink for another friend doing all the technical stuff.  Thiago’s ISP was sold for $115,000 after only 9 months from inception, netting Thiago 100,000. After some technical consulting work in Central Florida and a job with a startup (that also happened to be the  first eCommerce hosting company in Santa Barbara), Thiago ended up moving to Southern California where an unexpected opportunity arrived. 

Why do Great Things Always Come When You Least Expect It? 

As Thiago was helping a friend upload their resume on Monster and adding keywords to his resume, Thiago’s phone rang. He was being courted by the Electronic Arts HR department calling from Sillicon Valley HQ and asking about his network engineering experience. They immediately offered him an interview for the following Monday. Funny thing is they were looking for a BGP expert, and without having any idea what a BGP expert even did, he said “sure, ill take the interview!”  

He learned everything he needed to know about BGP through a few books, became skilled in just a few days and landed himself that job. He was there for two years, and learned everything he could.  Once that opportunity came to an end and other job opportunities came through, Thiago decided it was time to head back to the warmth of Brazil.  

Once home, Thiago and a partner grew and sold an ISP business. After the sale, he came back to the United States. He quickly began working for a startup called Intervoice. From there, his journey took him to NetSapiens, a Unified Communications Platform (and now a Crexendo brand), who he had once been a customer of.  

During his tenure Thiago humbly states “he did a bunch of innovative and cool stuff” for the NetSapiens ecosystem and community, and as the Vice President of Technical Operations , he applied everything he knew to making the company grow. 

Now he is Our Very Own CTO Here at P2P 

Past are the days of Thiago being a DJ in Brazil. Today, Thiago focuses much of his time, various skills and expertise in teaching and instructing his own team at P2P, as well as his customers teams, so they too can become experts themselves.  Thus following his own edict that once you know something well enough, it’s time to impart that knowledge with others! And that’s exactly the heart and soul of the mission behind P2P.

Being a top-player and recognized guru in the Telecom industry, Thiago knows a thing or two about how to develop a technical team, a solid communications platform, the necessary operational and business elements and implementing the above to align with your future vision and to be truly successful.   

Interested in learning more about how P2P can help your business, and “Make our experts, Yours!” Give us a call today!  

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